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On The HAA Show Floor At Transworld 2014

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TransWorld 2014 Trade Show FloorIf there is one event in the haunted house industry that haunters from all over the world plan for, it’s Transworld’s Halloween & Attraction Show. This is the show where haunters from all over the industry come together to see the latest dark and twisted creations that vendors have assembled for their haunted attraction clients. It’s also a great event to learn new tips and techniques during the seminars presented by a variety of haunter’s with a variety of specialities.

TransWorld 2014 Trade Show FloorEvery year, the show provides new experiences for it’s attendees and seeing the faces of haunters attending it for the first time is like seeing a child seeing presents under the tree on Christmas morning. In fact, it’s the same expression for veteran show attendees as well. The first day of the show, everyone is eagerly waiting outside the trade show floor for the doors to open so they can explore what new wonders await them.

TransWorld 2014 Event Coverage
This year’s TransWorld Trade Show was just as exciting and packed with great products from vendors as previous shows. We have taken a ton of photos and video footage for everyone to enjoy, but we’ve also gone one step beyond with some new technology this year. We wanted our readers to be able to experience the show floor as if you were standing there. So we took some of our new magical equipment with us and grabbed some great 360 photos directly from the floor for all our readers to explore!

Dark Area - Scare Factory

As you can see, ScareFactory has their incredibly awesome sized animatronics for haunters to daydream about. I always get a kick whenever I see a first time attendee’s face when they walk in to the dark area and see some giant monster Scare Factory has waiting for them.

Last year Scare Factory had a product demo of a large IR shooting gallery, but this year it seems they have gone back to more traditional props and animatronics for the haunt show. Gone was the shooting gallery and in it’s place was a moving hallway that featured skeletons coming out of the walls like in a crypt. We grabbed a 360 photo for you to enjoy below of this product.

Scare Factory Skeleton Hallway

Poison Props

Poison Props Burning WitchTransWorld 2014 Trade Show FloorOn the other side of the dark area is one of my favorite vendors,¬†Poison Props. Their animatronics is among the best in the industry and they always striving to help give their customers and products that little extra scare with their product designs. New for 2014, and my personal favorite from the show, was their “Burning Witch” animatronic.

When you first walk up to it, you see what appears to be a witch tied to a pole on top of a wood pile about to be set on fire. Just like in the good ole day’s in Salem. Smoke slowly comes out of the wood pile and a orange light flickering like burning embers. Also, when she’s in a “static” mode, her head moves every 5-10 seconds, quickly snapping side to side as if she’s watching everyone as they walk by. It’s a nice little creepy touch. When activated, that’s when the fun begins as she starts to scream and then lifts off the wood pile, flying around 8′ straight at you while violently thrashing around with her hands and feet.

It’s a great animatronic and if I could get away with it, I would buy it for my front porch to discourage all the door to door sales people we have knocking on my front door. Although, come to think about it, it might also discourage the pizza delivery guy from coming to the door, but it still would be worth it.

Nevermore Productions

TransWorld 2014 Trade Show FloorLeaving the dark area and moving back to the regular trade show floor, another one of my favorite vendor booths is Nevermore Productions. This is another vendor that does a great job of producing great looking (and by that I mean creepy as hell) costumes and props. Walking up to their booth and seeing an old looking barn with giant spiders hanging down just puts a smile on your face.

Nevermore Productions have in their product line a interesting selection of props, animatronics, costumes and facades available for order. One product that appears to be popular are their “Broken Dolls”. You can get them either as a costume or as an animatronic which is great for getting those scares from an attraction’s guest because they can’t tell which one is the animatronic and which is an actor!

This year at their booth, they had a narrow hallway that you go thru to feature some of their facade work and props available for sale. You can view a 360 of it below.

Nevermore Props Hallway

Nevermore Productions always has a great looking booth and products, so if you like their style and work, you should check them out!

Celebrity Zone Booth

TransWorld 2014 Trade Show FloorTransWorld 2014 Trade Show FloorAnd speaking of great looking booths, while they weren’t a vendor, the “Celebrity Zone” booth sponsored by Atrox and Disturbia looked awesome! It was a perfectly created little building of death sitting right on the show floor.

Inside was a autopsy table for the actors to sign autographs on and behind them a morgue drawer wall. Show attendees would enter thru the front door, get their autographs and leave thru the side area where a very depressed morgue attendant, that I guess couldn’t take it anymore, is… let’s just say, resting.

While I couldn’t get to the front of the booth because of the autograph signing going on (and not wanting to be in the way), I was able to get a 360 of the side area where the former morgue employee and¬†cremation oven was located. This was a great looking booth and if we were giving an award for best looking show booth, I would have to give it to these guys.

Inside the Celebrity Zone

Brain Chow Studios

TransWorld 2014 Trade Show FloorFor those haunters looking for some unique costumes for their attraction, be sure to check out “Brain Chow Studios“. Created by haunter Michelle Butler, these are costumes created for haunters by haunters. Knowing the abuse that a haunted attractions costumes take during the season, Michelle has created her costumes to withstand the strain put on them with extra time and effort put into their construction and stitching.

The costumes are definitely creepy looking and they get even the most veteran haunter to take a double look when walking past their booth.

Also, if you’re a fan of the great video series “A Haunters Life“, then you’ve seen over the past few weeks leading up to the show, the team building the Brain Chow Studios booth. As someone who watched the show and was eager to see their work in person, the booth looked incredible! The team behind the build did a great job in their craftsmanship of the booth and should definitely be proud of their work.

We unfortunately wasn’t able to get a 360 of the booth because they were insanely busy selling their costumes. So we will have to get them next year and see what they create next.

Froggy's Fog

Distortions Unlimited

TransWorld 2014 Trade Show FloorTransWorld 2014 Trade Show FloorNow everyone in the haunt industry knows “Distortions Unlimited“. Not only have they been a staple of the haunt industry for years, Ed, Marsha and the rest of the Distortions team were appearing on the Travel Channel show, “Making Monsters”. Sadly, as I was talking with Ed, he told me that the show had been canceled which really sucks. So I’ve decided that I’m starting a “Three More Seasons and a Movie” campaign now.

Now while I was talking with Ed about their new products, there was a new Distortions prop to my right. It was of a man dressed in black sitting in a chair with a large giant clamp over his head. During this whole time I’m talking with Ed, not one movement from the thing. And we were talking for a little bit, so I assumed it was a static piece. Well, I should have known better.

After a push of a button, some fog and sound effects, I’m snapping away photos and suddenly I got a running mass heading right for me. This year, they got me. Very good work by Ed and the rest of the team. I’m curious to know how many different conversations that actor overheard during the show just sitting there silently waiting to attack??

Sinister Signs

We took a ton of photos, video footage and some more 360 photos. So if you want to check out all the photos and 360’s from the show, be sure to visit our Media Gallery section. We are also putting together a special TransWorld video that we will be releasing as soon as it’s finished being edited. In the meantime, enjoy the media gallery and hop over to our new forums and post your experiences from TransWorld. What did you think of the show and what did you think was the best from the show?

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