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“Disturbia” Becoming a Reality in Huntsville Alabama!

If your an active member on the Forums, then you know the name “Graystone”. If you don’t, then your missing out on some great insight on what it takes for a pro haunter to start a new, massive sized haunted house. “Graystone” has acquired a 97,000+ SqFt building located in Huntsville Alabama where he is currently constructing his new haunted attraction called “Disturbia”. From photos and what “Graystone” has posted on the forums, it appears to be an old grocery store around 97,000 SqFt, 450 parking spots, loading docks, and a ton of potential for creating a spectacular haunt.

During the construction of this beast, we will post updates about this attraction whenever “Graystone” is kind enough to let us know what’s going on. Below are some photos that “Graystone” has shared of the construction so far.

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