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Build Your Own LED Spotlights

Here comes a great tutorial from the blog “Haunt The Yard” on how to create your own LED spotlights using 10mm LED’s, PVC pipe, and wire.

At the time of publishing, based on some quick price checking of the LED’s, PVC pipes, and some wiring that was listed as needed materials in the tutorial, I’m guessing that you can build each spotlight for around $5 – $7 each.

Excerpt From Tutorial

A few months back, Otaku over at posted a link to some ultra bright blue LEDs at Electronic Goldmine. On a whim I ordered a few of them, not really knowing what I’d do with them. Well the other day I was perusing the isles at Home Depot & happened down the PVC isle. I noticed a few small fittings & it struck me – spot lights! (Cue dramatic music)

So without further ado, I present my cheap, small, easy low voltage spotlights.

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