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Need help building that great prop? What about learning how to paint ChromaDepth walls? You can find it here! We add great tutorials from haunters all over the industry when we find them or they are submitted to our directory! Simply click on the topic of your choice and see what we have available.

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The Importance of Good Haunted House Sound Design

The goal in any haunt or escape room is to leave your customers with a lasting impression and memory of the occasion. Leveraging good sound design and audio effects is an important step to making this happen.

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Create Faux Wood Boards From Foam

Need some old wood for a old western scene or pirate ship for your haunt? Learn how to carve and paint some foam to look just like the real thing!

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Build a Pneumatically Firing Pirate Cannon!

ARHH You Scavy Sea Dogs! Learn how to build your own, pneumatically firing pirate cannon for your pirate themed scene!

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Making a Motorized Secret Entrance

Ever have those days where you imagine being some kind of Bond villain with his or her own secret entrance? Yeah, me neither. But this tutorial is still cool for building a unique way into an area of your haunt or house. Check it out!

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Build Your Own Above Ground Tomb Animatronic

I love haunted mansion inspired haunters. Often when they share their love for the original Disney Imagineers, their enthusiasm shows in their creations and this one is no exception. Interested in building your own creepy above ground tomb animatronic? Check out this tutorial.

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