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How to Make a Three Axis CNC Machine (Cheaply and Easily)

If you had extra cash laying around (and I mean a lot of extra cash), wouldn’t it be great to get a three axis cnc machine? Well, he’s a tutorial on how to build your own 3 Axis CNC machine.

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Build Your Own Budget Mini Vacuform Table

Sometimes I think the best thing about seeing people building their own Vacuum-Form table is that they become a kind of a MacGyver. In this tutorial from Harrison Krix of Volpin Props, he shows you how to build a small budget vacuum-form table using a toaster oven, shop vac, PVC piping, wood, a paper clip, and a rubber band. Ok, maybe not the last two, but I still carry them in my pocket just in case.

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Build Your Own LED Spotlights

Here comes a great tutorial from the blog “Haunt The Yard” on how to create your own LED spotlights using 10mm LED’s, PVC pipe, and wire.

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Build a FM Transmitter For Your Yard Haunt!

Lets you have your own yard haunt, but want to add some music and/or audio narration tracks that your visitors can hear? You just don’t want something that is blasting the neighborhood ticking off your neighbors? Well, “Deathtouch” from the may have want your looking for.

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Build Your Own Vacuum Form Table Machine

If you are into prop building or doing scene construction, then you might have had a need to create some custom plastic pieces. That’s when you will wish for a vacuform table. Now you can use this guide,created by TK560 for those Star Wars fans interested in making their own Storm Trooper costumes, to build your own vacuform table.

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Build a Hot-Wire Foam Cutter for $20

If you do foam sculpting, then you know the value of a hot-wire cutter. If your interested in building one, then check out this how-to-guide from “Garage of Evil” on how to build your own hot-wire cutter for around $20!

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