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Create Faux Wood Boards From Foam

Need some old wood for a old western scene or pirate ship for your haunt? Learn how to carve and paint some foam to look just like the real thing!

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Build Your Own Above Ground Tomb Animatronic

I love haunted mansion inspired haunters. Often when they share their love for the original Disney Imagineers, their enthusiasm shows in their creations and this one is no exception. Interested in building your own creepy above ground tomb animatronic? Check out this tutorial.

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Drop Panel Column With 3 Axis Skull Inside!

Want to put a little extra surprise in your cemetery columns this halloween? How about a talking skeleton for a little extra fright? Check out this tutorial over at “The Garage of Evil!”

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Carve Fake Wood From Foam Boards

Need some good looking fake wood signs? Check out this tutorial for some tips on how to carve some great looking wood planks from foam boards.

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DIY Magic Mirror and Photobooth

If you have kids or are a disney fan, check out this tutorial. Build your own “Magic Mirror” for your wall and find out who’s the coolest of them all! Who’s the fairest of them all. Make your own Magic Mirror and find out. The Magic Mirror can read the weather, tell you how your…

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Kicking Guy Prop

Looking to build your own version of the kicking victim prop? Check out this tutorial from

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