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Set Construction / Design

Making a Motorized Secret Entrance

Ever have those days where you imagine being some kind of Bond villain with his or her own secret entrance? Yeah, me neither. But this tutorial is still cool for building a unique way into an area of your haunt or house. Check it out!

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How to Build a Haunt Wall Panel (Video)

Catacomb Productions, producers of INSANITARIUM Haunted Attraction, show you how they build and paint the walls for their haunted house. INSANITARIUM Haunted Attraction

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How to Build Interlocking Haunted House Wall Panels

This document describes one way to build haunted house wall panels. The panels are designed to be easily setup and taken down each season. Each panel will require (2) 4x8x1/4” plywood sheets, (2) 2x3x8’ studs, (3) 2x2x8’ studs, and nails or screws.

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Swamp Theme Rope Bridge

Swamp themed areas in a haunted attraction are horrifying, especially if your haunt is in a city. I have seen actual swamps outdoors and indoors for haunts. The indoors haunt people know is fake but still are equally amazed at the possible terrors lurking within. I mean, if builders are capable of creating such a thing, the terrors must also be equally spook-tacular.

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Tips For Creating “Transition Grays” When Painting UV Dual Image Effects

If your creating a blacklight effect in your haunt, then you know that finding uv related materials can be a challenge. Well, were here to help. Here comes some UV painting tips from the Blacklight Blaze newsletter. If you are painting a dual image, then here are some tips to help you make sure that when the daylight goes off, your blacklight image will pop off the wall!

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Build Your Own ChromaDepth 3D Maze – Part 2 – Painting The Walls!!

In the first part of this series, Terra showed us how to design the wall panel images that will be on the maze walls. Now, Terra explains some tips and techniques on how to transfer your images from concepts on paper to reality on the wall. She shows you transfer techniques, how to property prep your walls for the UV paint, and some techniques to help make your images pop from the wall!

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