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Pale Night Productions is a company that strives to hit the middle ground between low price and high quality. In the haunt industry, too often you must choose one or the other. We strive to bring you top quality props, with sound engineering behind them, at an affordable cost.

Pale Night Productions is THE ONLY company in the haunt industry that employs actual degree-holding engineers who specialize in automation, control, design, and fabrication. Our engineering expertise goes into every prop we make to create products that will stand the test of time. We have years of experience working in the haunt industry designing and building props and effects as well as designing, building, themeing, and running haunted attractions.

Our products have been featured in haunts around the country like Netherworld in Atlanta, Georgia, and The Darkness in St. Louis, Missouri. Our work can also be seen in places as far away as China where we helped to create a massive dark ride attraction that travels through scenes featuring all of the horror icons like Dracula and The Mummy.

When it comes to quality, the truth is that quality must be built into every piece of a prop. The prop is only as good as it’s weakest component. We start out designing every product with the best materials in mind. We use, for instance, Bimba air cylinders and Norgren solenoid valves. These two names are known industry-wide as leaders in their fields with outstanding quality behind every product. We put bushings or bearings on EVERY moving joint to ensure proper operation through many, many cycles and we always design the mechanism before we make the prop to go on it. After all, what good is a great looking prop that breaks two weeks after you install it?

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