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Build a FM Transmitter For Your Yard Haunt!

Lets you have your own yard haunt, but want to add some music and/or audio narration tracks that your visitors can hear? You just don’t want something that is blasting the neighborhood ticking off your neighbors? Well, “Deathtouch” from the HalloweenForum.com may have want your looking for.

He has posted some YouTube Videos explaining on how to build a small FM Transmitter from a hobby kit. With this, for example, you can post a sign in your yard telling your visitors to tune their car radio to 103.5 FM and listen to the show as they drive past.

Now you have your music and narrations without the angry home owners association recreating a scene from a Frankenstein movie on your front lawn.

Excerpt From Tutorial

I am starting a how-to on how to solder the Ramsey 100b transmitter if anyone wants to use it in their haunt. I bought it from Frighteners Entertainment. It will depend on how well it is recieved among the members if I continue. But I noticed I am not the best at how-to video so be prepared for a lot of Ummms, and breathing heavy in the videos. I will have to remind myself not to do that.

[do action=”youtube-video” videoid=”OofTLPe4Rd0″ width=”600″ height=”300″ videotitle=”Part 1″/]

[do action=”youtube-video” videoid=”fFurZcXxo6s” width=”600″ height=”300″ videotitle=”Part 2″/]

[do action=”youtube-video” videoid=”79mhtQA2TmI” width=”600″ height=”300″ videotitle=”Part 3″/]

[do action=”youtube-video” videoid=”JQsKuHKl64Q” width=”600″ height=”300″ videotitle=”Part 4″/]


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