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Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!


Don’t Even Blink or You Will Miss A Great Costume Idea

I’m a bit of a “Doctor Who” fan and I can easily say one of my favorite episodes is “Blink”. The story centers around the idea of these assassins that are in the form of angels that are as old as the universe itself. They have the perfect defense mechanism of turning to stone when they are looked at.

For those of you that are not familiar with the show or this episode, take a moment and watch the clip below.

[do action=”youtube-video” videoid=”5jr7XBOJQBk” width=”600″ height=”300″ videotitle=”Dr Who Weeping Angel”/]

Now your asking, why am I posting this here? A user named “PenWiper” from the “Replica Prop Forum” loves this character as much as I do and has created her own “Blink Angel” costume.

Her tutorial shows how she created the costume and made it so she didn’t have to mess with make-up, making it very easy and quick to put on. For those of you that have a graveyard area in your haunted attractions, a few actors dressed up like this while acting like status as people walk by would get my blood pumping.


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