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How To Make Your Halloween Mask Fit Perfectly – The Sequel!

Chris from Trick or Treat Studios wrote a blog post called “How To Make Your Halloween Mask Fit Perfectly” a little while ago. After the blog was published, he had a few more tips and suggestions for mask owners that he has written into this new blog posting for everyone. If you own a latex mask and need help getting it to fit just right, then be sure to check out this posting from Trick or Treat Studios.

From the Official Site

After writing the first Blog based on how to make you Halloween mask fit perfectly, a few more things came to me that I wish I wrote in the first round.  As a result, I decided to add them in Part 2 to the original Blog.

First, the eye cuts.  Although we like small eye cuts and sculpted eyes in our masks, there are a lot of people that like their own eyes totally exposed.  So if you like the design of a mask, but it has sculpted eye, don’t worry, you can still pick up the mask, all you have to do is cut the eyes out.  Don’t worry, it’s easy.  If this is something you want to do, start with a small and sharp pair of scissors.  Next, find the sculpt lines of the eyes and start cutting them out.  Make sure to take your time and try and cut in one smooth motion, in other words, don’t lift the scissors and start cutting again and again, this will cause jagged edges, which can only be corrected with a dremel.


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