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Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!


Learn How To Build a Paper Mache Serpent Gargoyle For Under $20!

There is a great tutorial by Stolloween on how to build a Serpent Gargoyle…. In this tutorial, Scott shows you how he built this serpent gargoyle from papier-mâché and recycled materials for under $20.

Excerpt From Tutorial

Gargoyles v2.0 were my second attempt at creating Gargoyles, this time my goal was to create a very structured approach that could be used to teach students attending my papier mache workshops.

The Gargoyles use a variety of recycled materials including newspaper, cardboard and plastic water bottles.

The construction was spread over four separate sessions each lasting three hours.

The basic concept involved creating each piece (body, wings, legs, claws) individually then assembling the completed pieces into the desired form or pose.

This tutorial follows the creation of three different pieces, two of which are “typical” gargoyles and a third which is more of a “reaper” or “angel of death” type of creation.

The techniques for this project are quite dependable although honestly the final texture and paint job on these props are not my best work.


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