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ScaryVisions Ask What’s In Your Make-Up Kit?

One of my favorite blogs from the haunt industry is Brian Foreman’s “Scary Visions”. He’s always writing great articles and this latest one is no different. In this latest post, Brian interviews Steve Siegelbaum of GutRot Effects to discuss what every makeup artist should have in their makeup kit!

From ScaryVisions Blog

To start with, most special effects artists have their own kit. This is a must when entering this industry! You need to be prepared for anything…as an fx artist you will find your self delving into your own kit that contains the tools that an artist uses on a regular basis and is comfortable with…I always do . You may have that color that’s just right for a gnarly bruise you’re doing that isn’t supplied or the place just ran out of . But if your just starting out- here is a good list to start with.

Be sure to hope over to ScaryVisions and read the full article. Also be sure to hope over to the HauntersDigest.com Forums and tell everyone what’s in your Make Up Kit!


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