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Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!


Terra’s Seven Layers of Scare – Part 7 – Touch and Smell

In this final part of Terra’s “Seven Layers of Scare” series, Terra’s talks about Touch and Smell. Think of all the people that go through a haunted attraction. Think back to their body language. Arms close to their chest. Everyone huddled up trying to walk through the center of the room to keep from making contact with anyone or anything. This is exactly what Terra points out in this final guide suggesting to haunters that they come up with ways to enhance a visitors experience by creating situations where they will come into contact with something. Also, buy adding different types of smells to a environment, you can help to engross your visitors experience even further. This is Terra’s final guide in this series and if you haven’t seen the other, you should really click here to read them all. This is a must read for everyone that runs any kind of haunted attraction.

Excerpt From Part 7:

Saved the best for last. The layer that you can really surprise them with. Touch they fear the most and Smell is unexpected. The Seventh Layer is the ultimate trick up a haunter’s sleeve.

You remember touch in a haunt. Once I was going through a haunt room where a crazed inmate was cutting a captive’s arm off with a giant miter saw. “OK”, I’m thinking, “A typical torture room.” Rounded the corner to pass and I got blasted with warm blood spray. YIKES!!!!! Screamed like a two year-old. Did NOT expect that. In the dark you can’t tell it’s just water. It was blood I tell you… BLOOD!

The smell of barbecue, popcorn, burning wood, cut grass, cinnamon rolls…. All are powerful and pleasant smells. Mildew, urine, dirty ashtrays, pig sty, old fish, sewage. All of these are powerful and unpleasant smells.

Now go back and re-read the previous paragraph and pay attention to the emotions or memories you are feeling. Isn’t it surprising how connected they are to smells? There’s reasons for that and ways you can use it to your haunting advantage.


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