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Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!


Terra’s Seven Layers of Scare – Part 3 – The Main Scare

In this third part of the series, Terra discusses the science and types of the scare. Starting with a breakdown of the two types of scares being the “Cheap Scare” and the “Set-up then Sudden Scare”, she then goes into a list of example ideas on how to accomplish each types of these scares. Be sure to read “Part Two – Ceilings and Floors” if you haven’t already!

Excerpt From Tutorial

Ah, fear. It’s what makes us haunters different from the rest. Most try to avoid fearful situations. We create them. But why do we do that? Because we have experienced the joy that fear can bring. Muh ha ha haaaa…Wha-huh?!

OK, science lesson time: When we are scared or startled our instinctive survival motors kicks in. The heart races, blood pumps into our large muscles, eyes widen….you know the drill. The body is getting ready to do the ‘ole FIGHT or FLIGHT. I mean literally. The body is now primed to fight out the attack or flee from it. It’s all instinct baby and there’s nothing your sweet little ToT victims can do about it. So, you’ve got the fear thing understood but what about the joy part? Well, once their rational brain realizes that it’s safe and the terrifying experience was only a maze in your garage, all that adrenaline is still pumping around in their bodies. That’s the joy. It’s a high (AKA: Adrenaline Rush) that many people get hooked on. In that rush, endorphins are released to give them a long-lasting, blissful high. Once someone has experienced it, they come back for more. Ever wonder why kids will no sooner exit your haunt and jump right back into line? DANGER MAKES YOU HAPPY That’s why you hear the famous ‘ScreamLaugh’ in your haunt. That sound means you hit the jackpot, you aced the test.


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