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Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!


From The Devil’s Workshop – Mold-Making Theory: Is It Hard or Is It Soft?
Rasputin's Carnival of Risk
Rasputin’s Carnival of Risk

It’s been a little while from our last additions to the Prop & Make-Up tutorial sections. Now that HAuNTcon has wrapped up and we have a little time before Midwest Haunters Convention, were getting back into the groove of things here. So to start things back off, we’ve received this submission for a posting by “The Devil’s Workshop” on Mold-Making Theory. Be sure to head over to “The Devil’s Workshop” to check it out!

From “The Devil’s Workshop”

The first step in any mold-making project is to consider what you want your cast item to be used for. Do you want a solid skull as a base for building up a zombie face with clay and maché? Maybe you want a squishy dismembered hand that looks and feels lifelike. You have to consider what you want your casting to be. You will have to build your mold to the casting material you want to use. This is not absolute, but generally you won’t be able to make a hard casting and a soft casting from the same mold. There are ways to try to game the system, but they are compromises to quality and/or ease of use.

Read Full Tutorial Here


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