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Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!


Who doesn’t like AMC’s “Walking Dead” series? Now with this video tutorial from Nimba Creations, they will show you how to apply, paint and dress their “Ripped Face” prosthetic to give you that Walking Dead look. Be sure to give it a watch inside.

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This is a freaking awesome project! A animatronic mask with Stereo Night Vision and Amplified Hearing. If it had freaking laser beams shooting out of it’s eyes, this would be the ultimate mask!

If you’ve seen the movie, “Thirteen Ghost”, then you remember the asylum cage character. Well, if you would like to create your own Asylum Cage Character, then haunt celebrity Allen Hopps has you covered!

He’s back! And he’s quickly becoming my personal Jesus with this next video! In this weeks video tutorial, Allen shows us how to make zombie / skeleton style silicone gloves for around $50!!! Learn how inside!

We recently got an email from one of our readers asking for a tutorial or video about making some custom latex masks.

Well, hows this for timing? Our favoriate prop builder, Allen Hopps has uploaded another great video showing a start to finish process on their latex mask creation “Lobster Boy”! Be sure to give it a watch inside!

I’m a bit of a “Doctor Who” fan and I can easily say one of my favorite episodes is “Blink”. “PenWiper” from the Replica Prop Forum loves this character as much as I do and has created her own “Blink Angel” costume with no make-up. A perfect costume idea for those that have graveyard areas in their haunts and want to add some “Living Status”.

Chris from Trick or Treat Studios wrote a blog post called “How To Make Your Halloween Mask Fit Perfectly” a little while ago. After the blog was published, he had a few more tips and suggestions for mask owners that he has written into this new blog posting for everyone. If you own a latex mask and need help getting it to fit just right, then be sure to check out this posting from Trick or Treat Studios.

The folks at Trick or Treat Studios have posted a article on their blog on tips for making your latex mask fit on your head. If you have latex mask that are always slipping around your face during Halloween, check out their article on how to help make it a more secure fit.

In this video, Allen from Stilt Beast Studios, shows us how to combine a simple “spray sock” and a latex mask to create a “Skull Mask”. This process can be used with any foam prosthetic from any other mask making company also. Be sure to give this video a watch and learn how to make these great mask to use in your haunt!

Allen’s back! And this week he’s sharing how to create severed parts of a human face using a super simple plaster plate mold technique. Really great results and finished pieces cost around $0.50! Now this week’s video is broken into two parts that we have posted inside! Be sure to watch them now!


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