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Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!


Here comes a great tutorial from the blog “Haunt The Yard” on how to create your own LED spotlights using 10mm LED’s, PVC pipe, and wire.

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So you’ve been to the convention, bought all your LED lights or made your own to use in your attraction, but do you know the best way to use them? Learn about some LED color theory and how best to use your lights with your props and scenes to keep it from looking like a mess!

In part five of Terra’s “Seven Layers of Scare”, she takes a look at what I consider one of the most important, but yet most overlooked element by some haunted attractions, The Lighting! I don’t understand haunts that just put a single light and/or a strobe in a room and think that is what makes for a great scene. Thankfully, Terra is here to help give tips to everyone on how to add lights to your scene design to really help set the mood and tone!


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