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Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!


If your wanting to get into makeup airbrushing or are interested in tips from other artist, then you should check out this great tutorial that Allen Hopps from Stiltbeast Studios has provided. In this tutorial, he discuss the different tools that you will need, why and how to use them, and some tips of makeup application. Be sure to give it a read and let us know what you think. Also, if you have some tips you wish to share, be sure to post them!

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Allen’s back in this week’s video tutorial with airbrushing techniques to help make those wounds and actor faces look great in little time using your airbrush! Be sure to watch the video inside!

There is a quick video by Nimba FX on how to apply a “Zombie” prosthetic for a great looking makeup effect. It only takes a few minutes to watch, but it shows you some great techniques for those that are going to be doing some makeup work this Halloween.

Here is another make-up video instructional from Nimba Creations on how to create your own classic Werewolf character for this Halloween season. Using just the Werewolf appliance and some makeup, you will soon be howling at the moon scaring your customers or trick-or-treaters this season!

You know why I love Wednesday? It’s halfway thru the work week, I get half price on my favorite sandwich from my local deli, and it’s when Allen Hopps creates another great video tutorial! This week he’s released the first part of a two part video showing how to create a two part mold for mask making!

In the previous post, Allen was showing us how to build a two part mold for your mask. Now comes the second and last video for this great tutorial. Here Allen will show you how to finish the front section and properly remove the mold from your sculpture. Be sure to give it a watch inside!

One of the best jobs at a Haunted House, outside of being an actor, is that of the make-up artist. They are responsible for taking your normal everyday person and transforming them into whatever dead or demonic character that is required. So we’ve had a request that we find more tutorials to help those starting out, to hone their craft. So we have provided this video tutorial on how to paint a realistic looking prosthetic wound for all your victim characters.

One of my favorite blogs from the haunt industry is Brian Foreman’s “Scary Visions”. He’s always writing great articles and this latest one is no different. In this latest post, Brian interviews Steve Siegelbaum of GutRot Effects to discuss what every makeup artist should have in their makeup kit!


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