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Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!


Nothing is funner than walking through a haunted attraction or home haunt graveyard scene and seeing one of these “Zombie Ground Breakers” thrashing around. Here is a YouTube video by “casafear1” that teaches you how to create one of these Pneumatic action props.

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Need some good looking fake wood signs? Check out this tutorial for some tips on how to carve some great looking wood planks from foam boards.

The great haunters at “The Brewster Yard Haunt” has created a great guide on how to turn that brand spanking new white “Bucky” skeleton into a more decrypted looking skeleton that has seems to have been underground for the past few decades.

Fangoria from the HalloweenForum.com has a great tutorial on creating great looking cheap eyeballs using ping pong balls, paint, and clear nail polish.

Need some old wood for a old western scene or pirate ship for your haunt? Learn how to carve and paint some foam to look just like the real thing!

There is nothing that sets the mood for a really creepy mad scientist lab scene or morgue environment than walking by glowing bottles of mutated flesh specimens. In this tutorial from “Baron Von Fogel” on the IndyMogul forums, he shows you how to create these really creepy specimens with Flex Foam from Smooth-On. This project may be a little expensive, but the visual benefits are enormous.

Ever wish you could have that old looking oil painting hanging above your fireplace, but you don’t have a painter handy or an old painting? Well, in this tutorial, you’ll learn how to take a large picture printout and treat it to simulate that hand painted oil look.

When it comes to the haunt industry and home haunters, there is never a shortage of amazing projects that people have created. Sometimes even with just a few items. On the Halloween Forum, “Mizerella” has created a really creepy “Graveyard Ghoul” for her home haunt with just some PVC pipes, paper mache, and clay.

If you have kids or are a disney fan, check out this tutorial. Build your own “Magic Mirror” for your wall and find out who’s the coolest of them all! Who’s the fairest of them all. Make your own Magic Mirror and find out. The Magic Mirror can read the weather, tell you how your […]

Want to put a little extra surprise in your cemetery columns this halloween? How about a talking skeleton for a little extra fright? Check out this tutorial over at “The Garage of Evil!”


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