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Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!

Set Construction / Design

Recently I’ve come across a few haunters asking about where they can find information on creating ChromaDepth art for 3D mazes. Luckily, the Queen of Halloween “Terra”, from HalloweenForum.com, has created some excellent guides and videos on just how to do this! In this first part, “Terra” explains what ChromaDepth is, the theory behind it, some tips on how to come up with inspiration for panels, and how to test the concepts using a pair of ChromoDepth glasses and Photoshop.

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In the first part of this series, Terra showed us how to design the wall panel images that will be on the maze walls. Now, Terra explains some tips and techniques on how to transfer your images from concepts on paper to reality on the wall. She shows you transfer techniques, how to property prep your walls for the UV paint, and some techniques to help make your images pop from the wall!

Many articles put a lot of emphasis on the construction techniques of haunted houses but very few, if any, give tips for how to light them up. After all, what good is your $5000 animatronic if no one can see it? So here are some lessons I’ve learned from the mistakes I’ve made in building my own haunt. This article was written for HauntersDigest.com by haunted attraction owner Quan Gan of Shanghai Nightmare (Shanghai, China).

Catacomb Productions, producers of INSANITARIUM Haunted Attraction, show you how they build and paint the walls for their haunted house. INSANITARIUM Haunted Attraction http://www.catacombproductions.com

This document describes one way to build haunted house wall panels. The panels are designed to be easily setup and taken down each season. Each panel will require (2) 4x8x1/4” plywood sheets, (2) 2x3x8’ studs, (3) 2x2x8’ studs, and nails or screws.

If you are building sets and props for your haunt, then you probably will be using Styrofoam at some point. Be sure to check out this guide from DreadNight.com about working with Styrofoam and get the tips you need on how to get the best from your Styrofoam creations!

Ever have those days where you imagine being some kind of Bond villain with his or her own secret entrance? Yeah, me neither. But this tutorial is still cool for building a unique way into an area of your haunt or house. Check it out!

Swamp themed areas in a haunted attraction are horrifying, especially if your haunt is in a city. I have seen actual swamps outdoors and indoors for haunts. The indoors haunt people know is fake but still are equally amazed at the possible terrors lurking within. I mean, if builders are capable of creating such a thing, the terrors must also be equally spook-tacular.

Terra’s back and she’s got a great series of blog postings on her blog at HalloweenForum.com. Based on a book by interior designer Christopher Lowell, titled “Seven Layers of Design”, Terra has taken the principles from the book and adapted them to the haunt industry. She calls these principals, “Terra’s Seven Layers of Scare”.

Terra continues her “Seven Layers of Scare” blog with part one – “The Walls”. In this first layer, Terra discusses the concept of Layering to add detail to your rooms, types of wall drapings materials, and ideas for adding that extra touch to a certain rooms theme.


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