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Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!

Set Construction / Design

Terra’s “Seven Layers of Scare” continues with Part Two – Ceilings and Floors. In this segment, Terra points out to go beyond just the wall of your haunt and remember to decorate the ceilings and floors to immerse your visitors in your haunts environment. Be sure to read “Part One – The Walls” if you haven’t already!

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In this third part of the series, Terra discusses the science and types of the scare. Starting with a breakdown of the two types of scares being the “Cheap Scare” and the “Set-up then Sudden Scare”, she then goes into a list of example ideas on how to accomplish each types of these scares. Be sure to read “Part Two – Ceilings and Floors” if you haven’t already!

In Part 4 of Terra’s “Seven Layers of Scare” series, Terra’s examines what I consider to be one of the most important layers of set dressing, the “Accents”! All the props in the room that help to tell the story of the environment from big to small. Don’t miss this great blog post from Terra!

In part five of Terra’s “Seven Layers of Scare”, she takes a look at what I consider one of the most important, but yet most overlooked element by some haunted attractions, The Lighting! I don’t understand haunts that just put a single light and/or a strobe in a room and think that is what makes for a great scene. Thankfully, Terra is here to help give tips to everyone on how to add lights to your scene design to really help set the mood and tone!

In part six of “Terra’s Seven Layers of Scare” series, she takes a look at setting the Atmosphere of your scene. By using sound, light, and weather to enhance your environments, you can create a very unsettling mood for your attractions customers to immerse themselves in. Read Part Six Now!

In this final part of Terra’s “Seven Layers of Scare” series, Terra’s talks about Touch and Smell. This is Terra’s final guide in this series and if you haven’t seen the other, you should really read them all. This is a must read for everyone that runs any kind of haunted attraction.

If your creating a blacklight effect in your haunt, then you know that finding uv related materials can be a challenge. Well, were here to help. Here comes some UV painting tips from the Blacklight Blaze newsletter. If you are painting a dual image, then here are some tips to help you make sure that when the daylight goes off, your blacklight image will pop off the wall!


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