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  • Established 2010

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Cinema Secrets

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Hollywood’s Maurice Stein founded Cinema Secrets in 1984, when he retired from his successful career of professional makeup to open a small beauty, special effects, and cosmetic supply business in Burbank, California. Maurice’s reputation and expertise – earned from working over 25 years on some of Hollywood’s brightest stars on the sets of thousands of films, TV shows and commercials – made the Burbank beauty supply an instant hit among entertainment industry makeup artists and professionals.

Opening the beauty supply became a family endeavor. Everyone waited on customers, Barbara did the books, Maurice handled the front, and with a couple of employees, Cinema Secrets quickly became a destination for the professional makeup artist, the studios, and many of Hollywood’s most expensive faces.

By 1989 the Cinema Secrets Beauty Supply was busting at the seams. “We could not fit one more box of tissues in the building without a case of sponges being pushed out of a window somewhere,” says Maurice. “We had to find a bigger facility, and something that could handle our growth and my vision.” Later that year, Cinema Secrets moved to its current location in Burbank. This new location was close enough to the major studios where our service quickly became synonymous with our reputation – “Family owned, Family Operated, and proud to help and service you.”

In 1990 Maurice started thinking about technology, healthy formulation components and cosmetic formulations all of which resulted in the development of Cinema Secrets Cosmetics. Cinema Secrets quickly became used by not only professionals in Hollywood, but noted as an advanced standard in the development of a clinical makeup that was successfully tested and used in the medical industry as well.

In the early years, Maurice and “the boys,” Michael and Danny, spent many Saturday afternoons pouring their own latex appliances and selling them in the store. In 1992, we re-introduced Woochie™ to the world and opened our seasonal division which now sells Cinema Secrets costumes and Woochie™ to the world.

Maurice and his family all play important roles in the company and maintain an active presence in the business. Now the grandchildren are on the horizon and a family tradition can continue into the future.

Through the years, Cinema Secrets has launched Cinema Secrets Cosmetics, Cinema Secrets Seasonal products, and expanded on the education and knowledge base of working makeup professionals in its Education Division.

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