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  • Established 2010

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ClearCut Operations

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ClearCut Operations was introduced by Ken Darrigo in 2007. Coupling his 10 years of experience with point of sale software and his 13 years as a multi-attraction haunted house owner, he saw the immediate need for a system that helped the outdoor entertainment industry control their events.

“A majority of point of sale systems on the market tailor to family entertainment centers, but these include items and functions that are not relevant to the outdoor event industry,” says Darrigo. “What our industry needs is a system that can explicitly give us the information that matters to us most: where our customers are coming from, when our busiest times are, revoking a ticket after a customer is asked to leave, and how weather is affecting our sales.”

After a cumbersome season of using one system for internet ticketing, one for general admission, one for retail, and even one more for concession, he pushed on to create a solution that offered fundamental control of all his operations: ClearCut Point of Sale.

After the success of ClearCut Point of Sale, Darrigo created ClearCut Asset Management Suite.

“Faced with six buildings full of props, tools, costumes, etc. and no way to account for them, we needed an organizational solution. Over the past 13 years we have accumulated items in excess, but each year they were being damaged, lost, stolen, or just forgotten about. We were pouring money into repairing items instead of being able to step back and see the full scope of our supplies.

And in the event of a major disaster, we wouldn’t even know the full value of our loss.” The Asset Management Suite has been built to give a complete picture of current asset inventory, value, maintenance history, asset sign in/out as well as complete reporting.

Many new and unique technologies are in the works to assist Haunted Attractions/Christmas Events, Agricultural Events, Fairs/Festivals, and Radio Station Events, helping them take control of their operations. ClearCut is on the forefront of support and management for the outdoor event industry.

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