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  • Established 2010

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Dark Tech Effects

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Dark Tech Effects is the source for show control, lighting, and audio/visual effects. From installing automated lighting for your façade to programming a custom Séance theatre show, we make your attraction come to life.

Dark Tech Effects can provide lighting design, programming, and consultation for your event. We have extensive training with the most up-to-date lighting consoles, in addition to media servers such as the Catalyst and Green Hippo.

We also specialize in show control. Simply, show control is many systems, working together… One example of show control is combing an animatronic that interacts with a video, which has synchronized lighting and audio cues. Dark Tech Effects has experience working with some of the top show control manufactures in the world including Alcorn McBride, Gilderfluke, Stage Research, Medialon, and Dataton.

A show control system may combine a number of technologies and different standards. Having the experience of knowing which work well together will make your show run smoothly from the very first time.

Please contact us today, no project is too big or too small.

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