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  • Established 2010

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Interactive Ticketing


If you’re looking for online ticketing software to sell event tickets directly from your website, you’ve come to the right place! Interactive Ticketing provides affordable online ticket sales software, a secure ordering experience, and a vast array of marketing opportunities to your event.

Cost Effective: Our goal at INTERACTIVE TICKETING is to provide the best value in the ticketing software industry while keeping your costs low. It’s a simple equation: Lower service fees equal a higher frequency in online orders. Advance online ticket sales can drastically change your onsite operating costs by reducing your overhead and taking stress off the box office. Advance sales also give you new marketing opportunities and greater sales momentum long before you open your gates.

Complete Marketing Package: Our comprehensive marketing package will keep you informed before, during and after your event; we give you direct access to these tools in real-time. You get immediate access to create promo codes, review your purchase database, and analyze statistics without jumping through hoops. We also provide social networking referral options and newsletter capabilities.

Security: When it comes to security, we have you covered. Duplicate and fraudulent tickets will no longer be a concern with our secure barcode technology. Each ticket will print out with a unique barcode which will be scanned onsite using a wireless ticket validation. Your customers will also feel confident placing their orders when they see our PCI compliant certificates displayed at the bottom of each page.

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