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  • Established 2010

Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!

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Monster Guts


Monster Guts strives to provide you, the at home Halloween prop builder, with all the “guts” needed to help make all your Halloween creations and props come alive. Whether it is a pneumatic cylinder for an animatronics nightmare such as our Trash Can Trauma, or a blow mold skeleton to corpsify, Monster Guts has it. Monster Guts is dedicated to helping the do it yourself prop builder make their sinister vision a reality.

Monsters come in many sizes and shapes, but the components to build them and their moving parts are basically the same. The wiper motor, for example, has been used by dozens of different props and prop makers . Kicking legs, stalking spiders, dancing skeletons and knocking coffins are but a few of the props that utilize our exclusive Monster Guts 12 Volt DC wiper motor.

Buildings can be monsters, that is why Monster Guts also offer products that enhance a haunt’s atmosphere. Strobe lights, fog machines and eerie & scary Halloween music all lend to making your building monstrous.

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