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  • Established 2010

Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!

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Sketch-Lite Productions


Sketch-Lite Productions manufactures a quickly expanding line of VacuForm products, also known as Vacuum-Form, Vacuum-Formed, Thermo-Form or Thermo-Formed.

Our VacuForm products give you the ability to easily simulate materials such as brick, rock, stone, block, roofing, siding, bamboo and many other architectural and decorative elements when the “real thing” is too heavy, costly or time consuming.

Vacuform is widely used for industrial & trade show displays, theatre, TV, movies,theme parks, haunted houses and interior decorating.

Easily trimmed with a mat knife or scissors.
Can be painted with almost any water based paint.
Very Light Weight (about .17 lbs per sq foot for .030″ material)

All of our molds can be formed from a variety of materials and thicknesses. Our most popular material is .030″ High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS), this material is the workhorse of the theatrical vacuform industry. Sheet size is 4′ x 8′ (most styles have an actual usable dimension of 3’6″ x7’6″, see item descriptions for actual usable size of each design) and color is white.

To Install….Trim, Paint & Staple or glue it on!

We love to build new vacuform molds! If you don’t see what you’re looking for, please call us at (330) 923-4015.

Quantity Discounts / NO Packing Fee!

We ship anywhere in the US & Canada

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