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  • Established 2010

Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!

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Studio Productions


Chameleon™ Scrim for Many Creative Professionals:

Our scrims are new tools in your creative toolbox. The special lighting effects with our scrim fabric are are truely unique.Need more information? Try our white papers to answer your questions: What are scrim effects? or What types of scrims are there?

  • 14 Beautiful Colors–colors are far beyond what you can find in other theater curtains or backdrops.
  • Translucent –not transparent, Chameleon produces a glow around the subject when lit. Sharkstooth scrim can’t do that.
  • Use as a Panel. Our theater scrim is meant to be used in panels. No side seam is needed so the transistion on stage to “behind scrim” and “not behind scrim” is not as obvious. You can use smaller than full stage width scrims! Natural width is 15′–your length. No other scrim fabric is designed for panels.
  • No MoirĂ© effect. So you can layer multiple scrims without a nasty “interference pattern” that sharkstooth has.
  • No Hourglassing. Our scrim fabric is not a knit, so it won’t narrow in the middle when hung.
  • Textural. Softly diffuses the light around your subject. no ordinary ackdrop does that.
  • Quick Ship!
  • Retail Prices from: $ 41.00 per yard (15′ wide).

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