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  • Established 2010

Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!

Vendor Name

Hallowed Ground Studios Not Rated

Hallowed Ground Silicone Masks are made of flexible, skin-soft silicone rubber to stretch and move with your face. Our masks are made to fit to the contours of your face to allow maximum movement and comfort as well as allowing for natural vision, hearing, and breathing. All Silicone Masks are meticulously hand painted for lifelike […]

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Halloween and Attractions Show (TransWorld) 5/5

For the last 15 years, TransWorld’s Annual Halloween & Attractions Show has gathered the largest collection of industry leading vendors and a huge selection of products to give our buyers the greatest opportunity to see all of the best products and creations, all under one roof. The Annual Halloween & Attractions Show continues its tradition […]

Halloween Asylum 2.45/5

This year is our 9th Halloween of bringing you totally demented masks, costumes and props online. Since 2001, we have grown from a very small website offering just a few dozen products to the huge selection we have today. We have also tailored our product line to those searching for the scariest stuff you can […]

Halloween Lasers Not Rated

Lasers can project static, dynamic or animated graphical Halloween and Haunted House elements on any surface such as walls, screens, curtains, tables, waterfalls, ice, buildings and more. We can incorporate anything from a simple ghostly signature to a complex animated story. We have many stock elements for you to use or we can create completely […]

Halloween Productions 3.91/5

Welcome to the home Blacklight Attractions, Halloween Productions, and Dark Rider. We started out building a small walk through attraction locally here in Saint Louis and now we’re building some of the industry’s most respected, exciting and creative amusement attractions. Originally, under the name Halloween Productions, Inc., we created attractions for companies like Sea World, […]

HalloweenFXProps.com 3.8/5

We are passionate about Halloween. Is there really any other Holiday worth celebrating?! All of our props and tools are top-quality and guaranteed to satisfy you, or your money back. Simple as that.

Haunt Design Kit 5/5

Haunt Design Kit is the leading source of information for all things related to opening and building a haunted attraction.

Haunt Tactics 2.75/5

We believe that the Haunter is your tactical advantage. Here at HauntTactics we feel we have created some of the best costumes for haunters. With our NEW Zombie Armor we have created an amazing line of full body zombie costumes. The body parts are fused to lightweight compression suits in the molding process giving amazing […]

Haunt Visions Not Rated

Haunt Visions is the Mr. Hyde to Creative Visions’ Dr. Jeckle. Back in 1992, a small company called Haunted Lighting and F/X came into existence, developing a wide assortment of scares and effects. We offered a product that was mechanically sound, well built and visually impressive. We pioneered the use of “common sense engineering.” We […]

HauntBots 5/5

HauntBots evolved from the desire to create a controller to drive some animatronics for our haunted house. Thanks to suggestions from folks with backgrounds in the haunted attraction industry, animatronics and industrial automation, the APC16 has exceeded our original expectations. The original goals were: * High output count. * Affordability. * Real Time Programming. Over […]


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