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  • Established 2010

Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!

Vendor Name

Venom VFX 1.95/5

Venom Visual Effects is an entertainment effects company specializing in Haunted attractions.

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VFX Creative Studios 5/5

For over 30 years, VFX Creative Studios has been figuring out how to do the impossible with movie and television special effects, haunted attraction effects, creature creation techniques, digital animations, sculptures (both stationary and animated) and more! Our special effects production team is an award winning group of professionals whose talents cover a variety of […]

Von Charon Productions 5/5

Creators of the “Insane Ensemble” line of escapable restraint jackets and the “Psychosurgical” Lab Coat. Don’t restrain your actors. Strap them into a costume that will inspire them to let loose. Von Charon – COMMITTED TO HAUNTERS WHO EXPECT QUALITY.

Vortex Chillers 1/5

The Hottest Thing In Cool Fog – Fog Chillers for Professional Use


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