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  • Established 2010

Today's Tip: Don't set zombies on fire. You just create a flaming torch heading right for you!

Haunt Supplies

AllScare.com Not Rated

ALLSCARE.COM has created the BODYFRAME system, which allows anyone and everyone to build elaborate animatronic figures… No expertise required. This method uses quick assembly, motion adjustability, and design simplicity to give you much more creativity. We’ve taken Animatronics to a whole new level. GREAT PRICES!!! WE ARE AN AUTHORIZED DISTRIBUTOR for all the products on […]

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Dark Tech Effects Not Rated

Dark Tech Effects is the source for show control, lighting, and audio/visual effects. From installing automated lighting for your façade to programming a custom Séance theatre show, we make your attraction come to life. Dark Tech Effects can provide lighting design, programming, and consultation for your event. We have extensive training with the most up-to-date […]

DC Design Studio 5/5

DC Design Studio & DC Props specializes in the design and fabrication of high end, professional quality, Halloween Props and custom animatronic creatures as well as standard thru amusement grade movement platforms. Our primary focus is the Halloween / Dark Attraction industry, and are proud to announce that our award winning props have been featured […]


Prop builders and effects specialists have often been vexed when it comes to electronic automation, but that is no longer the case. Team EFX focuses on the creation of products and technology that enable the prop builders and FX engineers to simplify their task. With EFX-TEK, prop automation and control is demystified and ready to […]

Ethereal FX Not Rated

Ethereal FX is rapidly becoming the industry leader in low voltage lighting and effects control. The Ether-Light system continues to turn heads at trade shows and has been adopted by many major haunts as well as major theme parks and theaters. Ethereal FX also offers “one of a kind” props and lighting equipment via their […]

Evilusions 5/5

With over 25 combined years of haunt industry experience, there’s nothing we can’t create. From static and moving props and set design to special effects make-up and consultation, we’ll make it custom to your needs and budget. The members of Evilusions each have very specific strengths and combine them to make the perfect design team, […]

Fright Ideas 5/5

Fright Ideas is a provider of electronics for professional haunted houses and prop manufacturers. The engineers at Fright Ideas have been designing electronics for the entertainment industry since 1999. In 2004 we entered the Halloween market with the BooBox and have never looked back since. Our reliability, ease of use, and great customer support have […]

FrightProps 4.8/5

We offer an ever-growing line-up of products for Halloween fanatics from all walks of life. New this year we have added a full line of Linear Actuators, a crop of new Visual Effect DVDs, Digital Video Players, Sides of Beef, and more! FrightProps continues to grow each year, and it’s all thanks to customers like […]

GEP Productions Not Rated

GEP Productions has been creating quality-automated props for nearly 8 years. All of our props are put through rigorous testing to make sure they will hold up to the usage your attraction will put them through. Most of our products comes with regulators and lubricators which will help them last for years to come. No […]

Gilderfluke & Co. 4.6/5

Gilderfluke & Co. designs and manufactures Animation Control Systems and CD- Quality Digital Audio Repeaters which are used by theme parks, museums, waterparks, miniature golf courses and other attractions throughout the world.


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